I love working with people who are ready to move forward,
try something new 
and fulfil their potential. Let me help you create the future you're dreaming of.



Join me on a spiritual journey that will change your life forever



Let's tap into and explore your unique gifts, find your strengths, align you with your purpose and amplify your frequency.

As your coach,


As your coach, we'll prioritise your alignment, your connection to Body Mind and Spirit; we'll access your creativity, define what you want, why you want it and how having it will impact your life.  We'll identify potential obstacles, and build a toolkit to help you reclaim your power.  What's stopping you from achieving what you want?  

As a passionate Transformational Coach, I have developed unique sessions, designed to release old patterns, unlock your potential, and amplify your purpose.

It's about your journey of discovery, your strengths, and what you want to achieve, whilst feeling nurtured and supported. 

If you're serious about achieving goals, and embracing something new, I can help you. I would love to learn more about you and support you on your path. Because you know there's more in you...


Anita Beacroft

This is a huge game changer...

Thank you for helping to restore and set me free


Lisa M

Kansas - USA

Is there something else that you want to do, something that's calling you but can’t put your finger on it? 

When you gently quiet your mind, and listen to your heart, your body relaxes and your soul / spirit speaks to you.  Your soul wants you to be happy.  It wants you to have fun, explore your interests, develop your passions and find your true purpose.  A place where you feel fully expressed.

We're often driven by our commitments, duties, obligations and packed schedules.  So when we pause, we may be surprised to notice that our lives don't completely reflect who we think we are.  We ask ourselves, what am I doing?  Is it relevant?  Do I like it?  Does it fulfill me?  

What if we flip the script?  Imagine making new choices, trying a new approach and exploring the depths of your heart.  One new choice... one new outcome...

As an expert in Akashic Release, Jin Shin Jyutsu, Reiki, and Light Energy Healing, I am so excited to share my tools and secrets to help you align with your personal purpose.  

Drop me a message and tell me your story. It’s time to put you in the driver's seat...


I was able to experience beautiful realms of light,

love and divine wisdom


Sydney, Australia

Anita Beacroft Mission Statement & Values

To provide guidance, personal tools, and strategies, fit for a modern lifestyle, incorporating ancient knowledge, delivered thoughtfully with integrity and respect; supporting you as you access and realise the higest expression of your life and purpose

 I am invested in: 

  • Authenticity
  • An open mind
  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • Compassion
  • Kindness
  • Creating a space non-judgement 
  • Open hearted living

I love architecture, interior design, and classic elegant styling.  I have a strong connection to my grandmothers and I attribute many of my gifts to my Maori heritage.