Chakra Balancing


We all have 7 chakras that represent the 7 'energy centers' of your body and when you make choices that honour you, you strengthen your chakras, promoting your alignment and good health.  Doors open and life feels good.  Your chakras interact with your endocrine and nervous systems, transmitting information, influencing your behaviour and choices.  They also access your cellular memories.  A simple way to think of it, is to imagine that each memory has a unique code or emotional signature.  When triggered by something with the same emotional coding, your body responds.  Which explains why your reactions and behaviours don't always match the moment.  Pent up emotion, looks for a way to express itself, and being triggered is an optimal way to release stored emotion.  It's quick and easy.  The trick is to see the opportunity in the moment - this is your intelligent body, giving you an opportunity to respond to an old trigger, in a new way, and re-code the situation.  That's a gift!


Why Do Your Chakra's Need Balancing?
  • When we ignore our intuition and make choices that don't feel good, we become anxious, overwhelmed and stressed; we put pressure on our bodies and this may affect our alignment and what we are attracting into our lives
  • If one chakra is out of balance, they're all slightly out of balance, so this is an easy way to bring your body and energy back into alignment  
  • It's a great 'pick me up'; it's restorative
  • It helps you find more clarity so that you can make better choices
How Do You Know If Your Chakras Needs Balancing? 
  • You don't feel grounded; you feel disconnected or seperate from family, friends and community
  • You're having trouble manifesting, low sexual energy, financial issues
  • You're feeling stuck, unmotivated, everything seems like too much effort
  • You've experienced difficulties with self-love, developing loving relationships; you feel emotionally overwhelmed, lacking passion, disillusioned or jaded
  • You're having communication issues, i.e., speaking too much, too little / not speaking up, not getting your point across; trouble listening to others
  • You're having difficulty accessing your own truth, not knowing what you want, confusion, lacking mental clarity, difficulty concentrating or focusing
  • You feel disempowered; you have trouble standing up for what you want, giving in, not making decisions, not setting intentions, victimization, or overly responsible and controlling behaviour


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