Apr 12, 2024

Trusting Your Instincts – Developing Your Intuition - Following Your Gut


People often say they don’t know what intuition is.  They prefer to trust their gut or their instinct.  This makes perfect sense because fundamentally, it's similar, and the nuances are subtle.  However, once you delve into the world of intuition, those subtleties can represent significant opportunities.  

Intuition can be described as an inner knowingness.  A response to an internal energetic guidance system constantly interpreting the interaction between your emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual self in relation to your external environment. Your intuition instantly delivers this information and messaging to you, so you can make choices aligned with, and reflective of, your true nature. 

Generally, your intuition allows you to sense things in advance, or perceive something at a deeper level. It reveals truths and instructs you to be responsible. At its essence, it provides you with a platform to explore who you are and why you are here.

Instinct reveals who you are at your core. It's spontaneous and reactive.  Intuition informs your intelligent cellular body and reflects the perspective of your higher self; your ability to know yourself and adapt. This is the space between knowing yourself and taking action.  Intuition integrates your emotional, mental, and spiritual knowing and translates this information into physical form.

Every person has an incredible intuitive capacity; it's innate within us. Some people choose to use it whilst others are nervous to trust their intuition and opt to completely ignore it. 

Think of the wise sage, who is instinctive and follows his gut.  He trusts himself.  He never does anything  he doesn’t want to do.  He is impeccable with his word.  He says what he means and means what he says.  His faith in himself is unwavering.  There are those who would call him selfish, and others who recognise his defiant act of self-love. 

Whilst it might make those around him uncomfortable, constantly fulfilling his requests, he firmly believes that they do so willingly. He respects their autonomy, and trusts that this is a choice they make, and like him, they are always welcome to make a different choice, one that aligns better with their own intersts and well-being.

Consider the person who enters a crowded room, tuning into the collective energy of those present; able to discern subtle cues, they sense the distress of one and the magnetic charm of another.  They feel the soft energy of a wise man holding court and engaging in warm banter; adept at making others feel appreciated, noticed and seen.  This person observes the interactions in this space and authentically shows up.  They know themself, and they utilize their perspective to interpret intuitive information, enhancing their contribution to, and experience of, the moment. Personal growth and learning is the goal. They never abandon themselves, and they exhibit a heightened sense of compassion and empathy, ensuring they are always conscious and present.

Contextually, consider the difference between knowing yourself and taking action:

  • Instinctively - it’s immediate, reactive, and responsive
  • Intuitively - it's reflective; it's your perspective, based upon your emotional wellbeing, your mental fortitude, and your physical sense of safety

Which one to use?  Depending on the situation, they both have merit.

The simplicity of following the beat of your own drum versus abiding by the complex demands of society is the foundation of today’s blog. How do you know:

  • What you want?
  • What is best for you?
  • What will make you happiest?
  • What is your highest path and purpose?

Let’s delve into the world of intuition, intuitive actions, behaviours, feelings, messaging, responses, and thoughts, exploring:

  • Clairaudience – Hearing An Internal Voice Speaking To You
  • Claircognizance – Having An Awareness / Knowingness About Something
  • Clairsentience – Having A Feeling About Something
  • Clairvoyance – Seeing Images In Your Mind’s Eye

Reflect For A Moment: Which of these ‘Clairs’ do you most resonate with? There will be in-depth blogs on each of these four ‘Clairs’ in the coming months.

During the next 30 days, pay attention to the way you naturally receive intuitive guidance.  You may find that you are adept at more than one method.  Draw on your intuition this month and see how often you are correct or on the right track.

Developing your intuition assists you to:

  • Ask Questions & Receive Answers
  • Elevate Your Present Experience
  • Interpret Feedback From Your Environment
  • Receive Guidance From Your Ancestors, Spirit Guides & The Angelic Realm
  • See Things From A Higher Perspective
  • Trust Yourself

In a world constantly espousing the need for a competitive edge and drumming up fear, know that when you are authentic, you are the competitive edge you seek, and your intuition is the key to unlocking your potential.

Your cellular body has a vibratory rate that is tuned into a frequency that reflects the sum of your personal choices.  Combined with our understanding of the Law Of Attraction; ‘like attracts like’,  we can reason that the events or things we attract into our lives, are not random. On the contrary, they are the result of a series of smaller deliberate choices you’ve made, irrespective of the level of attention or weight you’ve given to them.

Your frequency explains why you always feel attracted to certain people, places, and situations.  Often people describe someone or something as feeling familiar. I would ask you to drill down and consider whether this is familiar ‘comfortable’ or familiar ‘uncomfortable’.  Be conscious of the choices you’re making and rely on your intuition.  One of the quickest ways to build or restore self-esteem, is to take action on the intuition that you’re receiving.  Your solar plexus will thank you!

When you trust your intuition, you’ll notice patterns in your behaviour; you’ll identify synchronicities throughout your day, and it will become clear to you that the universe is always conspiring to deliver to you the very thing that you say you want.  The point of your attention is paramount. Pay attention to what you are telling the universe you want and be diligent about the intuition you are receiving.

The frequency you hold is reflective of how you feel about yourself, and your intuition is the leverage you need to raise your frequency.  Your intuition is your competitive edge.  Successful people know this intuitively.

When you listen to the messages you are receiving, tune into the information your ‘guides’ are sending you and trust yourself to take action, you strengthen your self-esteem, self-respect, and self-worth.  This is a powerful message to send to the universe.  You are showing up and trusting yourself. 

Your heart is your compass, your inner knowing is the needle, and when you make consistent choices that align to your true self, you will always find your true north.

With practise, you will find it increasingly easy to slip into a relaxed state and receive what is known as ‘a stream of consciousness’, whereby the universe and your guides are communicating with you directly for the purpose of enhancing your personal experience.

Be mindful – when starting out. There will be more than one voice in your head or your heart, and you need to be able to distinguish between them and your higher-self or your guides.  It takes time to develop this skill.

Note: ‘Ego’ often carries negative messaging. The ego has one sole purpose; to keep you physically safe. It will happily employ fear to keep you small and contained. Your emotional and mental wellness is not something the ego concerns itself with.  Its primary goal is to keep you physically safe at all times.  When you know that, you learn to keep your ego in check and lean into the intuitive messages that the universe or your guides are sending you constantly. 

Intuition Vs Gut Instinct

It’s often about your audience. Based on my observations, women often gravitate towards the term ‘intuition’, as it evokes a sense of gentleness, introspection, and contemplation.  By contrast, men may lean towards ‘gut instinct’, perceiving it as more primal, instinctive, and decisive.

The decision regarding which to prioritize is contingent upon the situation and desired outcome. While one offers a swift and instinctual reaction, the other adopts a more strategic and deliberate approach, playing the long game.  The investment depends on the end goal. 

Clarity Of Purpose 

  • Know yourself
  • Prioritise your alignment
  • Be ethical, and honest – your integrity is paramount
  • Trust the messaging you receive – you’re not making this up

Let Go Of The Small Things

  • They will slow you down
  • Check your ego
  • Be kind

Reach Your Goal

  • Develop your awareness; pay attention to the details
  • Look for patterns; find the synchronicities
  • Reaching your goal requires mastery over your environment
  • See beyond the physical  

What Do You Share?

Your story, be vulnerable, for therein lies the power to make a difference. In doing so, you'll attract a tribe you love, comprised of individuals whom you deeply admire and who share your courage.  

Let’s get started… Which ‘Clair’ do you resonate with most?


Written By: Anita Beacroft

Edited By: Aloise Price

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