Sep 28, 2023

A 3-Part Blog Series - September 2023


As you know, 2023 is all about personal transformation and our journey of self-discovery. To unlock your full potential, we ask you to go within and answer a simple yet profound question:


We ask you to consider:

  • Who Are You Innately? And
  • How You Would Describe Your True Nature



In this blog series, we'll explore the power of understanding your nature, your true self, and how this knowing can positively impact all aspects of your life. We delve into the importance of accessing your heart space to answer the fundamental question, "Who Am I?"

We discuss how this simple inquiry can lead to a deeper understanding of yourself and how it can help you attract wonderful opportunities into your life. Knowing who you are allows you to make aligned choices that not only enrich your life but also inspire those around you to make empowering choices that support their own growth and personal alignment.



In Part 2 of this blog series, we examine the concept of behaviours described as selfish vs. self-love. We ask you:

  • What Activities Do You Find All Encompassing (e.g., You Lose All Track Of Time)?
    • Tapping Into The Subconscious
  • What Do You Enjoy Doing To The Exclusion Of All Else?
    • Tapping Into The Conscious
  • What Do You Naturally Love To Do?
    • Tapping Into Your Heart
  • What Does It Mean To Be Selfish?
    • Tapping Into Your Childhood
  • What Does Self-Love Look Like To You?
    • Tapping Into The Present Moment

In this blog series, we guide you on a journey to uncover your passion. We explore the influences and patterns that shape who you are, and we ask the questions:

  • What Does It Mean To Be Selfish?
  • What Does It Mean To Self-Love?



The 3rd installment of this series considers the benefits of:

  • Knowing Your Primary & Secondary Energy Center
  • Giving Yourself Permission To Show Up As That Person
  • Allowing It To Be Enough

We discuss the significance of:

  • Being Authentic
  • How It Influences Your Life Choices

By aligning with your authentic self, you can confidently embody your identity, skill set, and potential. We share real-life examples and practical steps to help you step into your true self.


By now, you may have:

  • Researched Archetypes & Chosen The Ones That Resonate With You
  • Identified Your True Nature
  • Delved Into the World Of Selfish vs. Self-Love, Observed, Prioritized, & Reclaimed:
    • Those Activities Where You Lose All Track Of Time
    • Those Activities That Bring You The Most Joy, And 
      • Recognized How They Amplify Your Gifts Or Innate Abilities
      • Seen Potential Applications For Them In Other Areas Of Your Life
      • Set Healthy Boundaries
      • Reclaimed Your Voice





When you become aware of your eight (8) energy centers and identify your primary and secondary centers, you can achieve profound alignment with your true nature. By consciously making choices that prioritize and support these energy centers, you attain a state of complete harmony with your authentic self. You will become more:

  • Abundant
  • Aligned With Your Purpose
  • Fulfilled


I do offer a session to teach you about this, but for now, consider the 8 Energy Centers below and see which ones resonate with you:

Divine Compassion

Divine Manifestation

Divine Order

Divine Love

Divine Communication

Divine Truth

Divine Power

Divine Wisdom

Source: Soul Realignment©, Andrea Hess


Each of these energy centers tells a story; they shine a light on your hidden potential and possible challenges. Unlocking the power of your energy centers allows you to become laser-focused about who you are, what your strengths are, and what you need to do to prioritize your success.

When you know your strengths, you can make conscious choices that allow you to optimize your true nature.

An Example: If Divine Communication is your primary energy center:

You Thrive:

  • In Front Of An ‘Audience’
  • You Are A Natural: Teacher / StoryTeller / Marketer / Salesperson / Creative

You Have A Special Relationship With Language And The Spoken Word:

  • Words Have Substance And Texture For You

Your True Nature Means You:

  • Innately Know How To Inspire Others
  • Move People Into Action Through Words
  • Excel At Helping Others Shift Old Patterns, Reasoning & Thoughts
  • Introduce New Perspectives Through The Written Or Spoken Word
  • Have The Ability To Be A Prolific Content Creator


  • You Are A Natural Channel; It Happens For You In The Moment


  • You Thrive With An Audience

The Challenge:

  • Feeling Unheard
  • Feeling Under-Appreciated
  • Over-Talking

This is a small sample of the information available to you when you delve into your energy centers. Having this knowledge, assists you in making more aligned career choices; it helps you to evaluate your relationships, be brave, and unlock your potential! 



These may appear to be simple questions, but it’s the quality of your answers that reflects your ability to genuinely understand yourself, and confidently ask for what you want. Ultimately, this makes it easier for you to:

  • Attract What You Need
  • Make Better Choices
  • Make Empowering Decisions
  • Meet Ethical People



When you choose to view your life through the lens of your heart, you unlock your full potential. To assist you extract the ‘juice’ from all life has to offer, consider the following questions:

  • What Does Your Heart Long To Do?
  • What Role Would Most Fulfil You?
  • What Sparks Joy Within You?

The purpose of this exercise is to foster a profound sense of self-acceptance and self-awareness within your:

  • Heart – Understanding Your Emotional Core & What's Important To You
  • Mind – Developing A Clear & Refined Sense Of Your Aspirations, Beliefs, Values
  • Body – Acknowledging Your Physical Well-Being Is A Barometer For Personal Alignment

By achieving this clarity, you can authentically present yourself in any situation.


We’ve all encountered individuals who exude effortless magnetism because they are entirely comfortable in their own skin. They possess a deep sense of self-assuredness, never compromising their authenticity. People are naturally drawn to them because their presence is soothing. This is a nervous system response. When someone radiates a sense of equilibrium, they exude power without intimidation. This magnetic attraction is a reflection of their authenticity.

On the contrary, individuals who harbour self-doubt may hesitate when encountering those who emanate power and authenticity. They may hold back, waiting, observing, unsure of whether to engage, as they sense that these individuals value accountability and do not make excuses for who they are.  For those who sense they're not being truthful with themselves, they may feel threatened or vulnerable around these people and thus stay away.


People who genuinely love themselves tend to attract others who treat themselves with respect, value their self-worth, and recognize the unique contributions they bring to each situation. They do not compromise their self-esteem or values, confidently asserting themselves in all .



When you know WHO YOU ARE:

  • You Don’t Waste Time
  • You Know What You Like
  • You Make Better Choices
  • You Don’t Give Your Attention To Anything That Isn’t Aligned With Your Purpose


When others know WHO YOU ARE, they:

  • Know Instinctively How To Show Up For You
  • They Respect Your Boundaries
  • They Know How To Treat You
  • They Are Willing To Be Vulnerable And Show You Exactly Who They Are


When I own WHO I AM, I transcend the superficial and declare to the world authentically:

  • This Is Who I AM
  • This Is My Skill Set
  • This Is How I Intend To Show Up In Life
  • This Is Who I Know Myself To Be
    • How Can I Help You?




When you are completely comfortable answering the question Who AM I, your self-esteem strengthens and your heart soars. Truthful self-expression affirms your self-worth. Abandoning yourself or compromising your needs is no longer acceptable. Your self-respect becomes non-negotiable. The need to be truthful and fulfilled taps into the deepest recesses of your heart and brings relief as your body acknowledges, ‘YES, THIS IS WHO I AM.’

The trust that you develop in your own heart amplifies your voice and has the unexpected benefit of tapping into and training your conscious self to access your subconscious, revealing what truly motivates you beneath the surface.

As you develop awareness of your inner voice:

  • You can ask yourself any question, anytime, and trust the message that comes in for you
  • When you trust the messaging and you trust yourself, your world shifts

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