Auto-writing is a wonderfully simple tool designed to connect you to the universe, the archangels, ascended masters or your personal guides, inviting you to ask a question, and be open to receiving a clear answer.  When you are aligned with your heart consciousness and you allow the messaging to flow through you, it will feel like a stream of consciousness pouring forth. 

The Key: Craft the best question you can and then follow the simple steps below. 

Top Tip: Once you've asked your question, don't think, just write.  Allow the universal energy to flow through you and deliver the answers that you need.

So, if you would like to:

  • expand your consciousness
  • develop your connection with the universe
  • communicate with source energy
  • receive messaging from your higher self, divine archangels, ascended masters, personal guides, teachers and angels

Then you are in the right place!  Let me introduce you to auto-writing.  I practise it regularly and it works.

Auto-writing is a form of intuitive writing, whereby you ask an Archangel or whomever you believe in, to come in and communicate with you. Ready?

Choose an archangel, ascended master, or spirit guide to connect with you and assist you with your journaling or writing today. Or simply ask the ‘universe’ to connect with you.

For the purpose of this exercise, I will ask Archangel Michael to assist me today.

  • Energetically clean your space (i.e., sage, reiki energy, water & salt, or set an intention)
  • Light a candle (if possible)
  • Sit in front of your keyboard or get your journal ready
  • Relax and drop your shoulders
  • Close your eyes, breathe into your heart space and establish a gentle easy rhythm (i.e. breathing for a count of 4-2-6)
  • Set the intention to run your torus field
  • Relax, breathe in, and see a beautiful ball of emerald green light filling your heart with love, serenity, and warmth.  As you exhale, send this loving green light down through your body, down through your feet, into the crystalline core of Mother Earth. Mother Earth receives your love, grounds your energy, and on the next inhalation, she sends her love for you, back up through your body, and into your heart space.  Continue to breathe normally and as you inhale, bring more emerald green light into your heart, and as you exhale, see this emerald green ball of light expanding outwards, until it completely surrounds your body.

Reflection: I was listening to an interview that JLo did after a performance, and the interviewer asked her (I'm paraphrasing), 'Jennifer are you counting steps and trying to remember the words to the songs when you are out on stage?' Jennifer answered 'No, by that time, I don't think, I just do.  I'm just out there having the best time; all my rehearsals ensure that I have the muscle memory to know where to go and what to do - it's instinctive...'

When you have practised your alignment such that it becomes muscle memory, connecting into the universe and receiving the messages you need, becomes effortless.

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