A Spirit Guide Report


Get to know your spirit guides, their character, impulse, and messaging.  When you understand their role in your life, you can call on them for assistance.  We all have between 4-6 spirit guides who are specifically assigned to work with us.  We  also have additional guides who watch over and take care of us as part of the collective.

If you are keen to explore your consciousness and intuition whilst adding another dimension to your perception of the universe, this is a wonderful connection to develop.

This report does require a lot of preparation. Please allow at least 3-5 days prior to presentation.  You will need approximately 60mins for the actual presentation via zoom & you will recieve a soft copy of this report.


A Spirit Guide Report Describes:
  • The Role Of Your Spirit Guide
  • Their Character
  • The Energy Center They Specialise In
  • Their Preferred Method For Communicating With You
  • Their Primary Messsage For You
  • Their General Observations


You Are Fully Supported By The Universe
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